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Igniting Hopes & Dreams

Give your Ibiza stay more meaning by booking the one day experience House of Vision. Fully dedicated to your future self.

Surrounded by pine trees, coffee and croissants we start the day at 9:30 in the quiet valley of St Agnes.


The day is divided into 3 parts:

Morning: Alignment & Inspiration

After our intake, setting intentions and an optional microdose, we start with aligning your physical body.
You receive a delicious yin yoga & healing session to reconnect with your body and your own energy. 

After that we continue with a reading to find inspiration or reconnect to forgotten hopes & dreams. I will use different spreads and card decks to enable new perspectives and fresh inspiration. This session will also be 1,5 hour. You will write and record your voice over for the video during this session. These affirmations sum up your insights and will remind you of your future vision. 

Afternoon: Integration
When the morning is finished and temperatures are rising, it is time for integration. You can have lunch, a siesta, go to the beach. Make sure to bring your journal and don't forget to just be in the moment. 

Evening: SHINE!
We will meet again at your favourite spot on the island during golden hour for the shoot. While you enjoy the sunset, I will be capturing your afterglow of this day. Together with your voice over, this creates your very own ´moving vision board´. 

Your most unique gift...
You will receive your video, (a blend of your shoot, the voice over and cinematic music), within 1 week.

These are basically your vows to yourself. 

Watching it over and over again will help you to reprogram your brain and tap into that future version, way before it´s actually there. The video will hold you accountable, while you grow into that NEW YOU.


House of Vision

mimi-lalaa-9QtYDvBEgqQ-unsplash (2).jpg


The perfect blend of morning sessions, afternoon siesta and saving the best for last: a golden hour video shoot.


 9:30    Intake, intention setting & micro dose ​(optional)
10:00   Session 1: Bodywork (yin yoga & healing)
11:30    Session 2: Future visioning (reading)

13:00   Afternoon: time to integrate
You can go to the beach, have lunch or a siesta and prepare/ get changed for your video shoot 

19:30* Sunset video shoot (more or less 1 hour)
*= time depends on the sunset

latest edition

What would peace do?

Lisa had a vision and it's so BIG, she had lost her motivation, focus and excitement towards it. House of Vision was a day dedicated to reignite the flame and renew her enthusiasm and motivation to follow that dream.

Floor Leemans

The time is now!


New beginnings can be scary. Trusting divine timing and observing the path that unfolds doesn't always come naturally to us. But Floor is very aware of all the new possibilities rising and  bringing a long kept dream back to live.

WhatsApp Image 2023-04-22 at 16.13.57.jpeg

Happy client

 I had a vision and it's BIG and I had lost motivation, focus and excitement towards it. Sascha has this incredible soft yet assertive talent of being able to guide you into a higher realm, and either find or reignite that Dream you have AND help you believe in yourself.


Put this together into what can only be described as a magical film rendition of what your vision is SO it is always with you an anchor to keep you connected to your why.
Two weeks on and I am still feeling the renewed enthusiasm and motivation to follow my Vision.


Thank you Sascha you are a very special soul.

Lisa Strong

Ready to book?

​As one of the participants wrote: ´Wow, House of vision what can I say... I don't know whether to call this an event, a one day retreat, healing, coaching. It feels like all of them wrapped in as one. This is a deep dive into your future vision.´​

House of Vision

  • Intake, intention setting

  • Micro-dose (optional)

  • 2 sessions:
    - 1,5 hour bodywork (yin yoga & healing)
    - 1,5 hour future visioning (reading)

  • Writing affirmations & audio recording

  • Sunset video shoot
    1 hour during golden hour

  • Edited 1 minute video 
    (delivered within 1 week)


500 euro excl. VAT​

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