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A Cosmic Canvas is a high frequency artwork that links to a guided meditation. Both referring to a vision of your path or an affirmation to reach your goals. 

The colorful artworks will light up your home and are all hand painted and created on the magical island Ibiza. The meditation will help to activate the energy you need in a specific moment of your life. To break old patterns, activate future visions, and will bring you in a deep state of relaxation.  

Collection or unique piece
You can choose your Cosmic Canvas & guided meditation from the collection, that changes every season. Or you can contact Sascha to create your own one-of-a-kind cosmic canvas & personal meditation.

About the artist
Through a blend of painting, clairvoyance and e
nergy work Sascha created Cosmic Canvas. She puts her visions into colourful illustrations, that will be bundled in the Ānanda card deck (May 2022), in collaboration with healer & singer Joëlle Jelisa who wrote all the channellings for the deck. Together, Joëlle & Sascha hold space for healing & growth during the Ānanda retreats. 

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What Clients Say


"My mediation was about balance. This is my theme at the moment, renovating my home. Seeing my canvas put a big smile on my face. Feeling love, bliss, joy and gratitude. And some tears too"