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Spring 2022 the Ananda Card Deck by Joëlle Jelissa x Cosmic Canvas will be published.

For many months we were looking for the right design for the deck, taking our sweet time to blend all the colors and shapes. If you see the first drafts, you won’t recognize it! Step by step we found the style we both loved and now that it is finished we can not wait to finally have the deck in our own hands. 

The 44 cards are based on the ANANDA program and guidance that we would love to have ourselves. It’s focused on giving you insights, exercises, guidance, healing or confirmation with things that are happening in your life right now. 

This carddeck is a melting pot of Sascha, Joëlle, their Spirit Guides, ancestors, passed loved ones, the beautiful women of the ANANDA retreats, Mother Earth, healing energy and A LOT A LOT A LOT OF LOVE.

We blessed the deck ceremonial and gave it the energy and vibration it deserves. You can be sure that the cards will give you what you need.