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I love

To capture your true colors & soul

Image by Slow Ibiza

My gift is my vision. That is my present to the world. Im an illustrator, videographer and psychic. But mostly I (day)dream in colors and shapes. I see your full potential shining through your eyes and I want you to see it too.  

As long as I can remember, my creativity has taken me into different places and directions, long before it brought me to the magical island of Ibiza. My background in Fashion illustration & branding, eventually took a turn to videography. A medium I love so much. To me, it is the perfect blend of music, visuals and atmosphere. 


My interest in spirituality was already ignited from an early age by my mum and grandmother. For years spirituality & creativity were two completely separate worlds. But after 15 years of teaching yoga, organising retreats, giving 1-on-1 healing sessions I wanted to create a unique experience, that lasts longer than just that one moment. 

I want to capture the vibrant afterglow you
 get after spending time in your own energy. Capturing your soul, your hopes & dreams into something tangible. Playing with the light surrounding you and showing you the tremendous potential inside of yourself. I need my camera for that, so you can look at yourself through my eyes. My aim is to capture your soul´s calling. The Cosmic Calling. 


Facts about me

Star sign, moon & rising

pisces, pisces, cancer



fav beach

cala nova

I actually have a degree in


My furry friends

marley & luna

My favourite food

italian or thai
Can M arch - St Agnes de Corona

After 6 years on the sea front of Cala Nova, I recently moved to the quiet North West of Ibiza, near St Agnes. The land gifted me the space to start this project. Soon it was called the House of Vision.

Image by Slow Ibiza
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